FCFC Wrestling Club


FCFC is an elite wrestling club currently operating in Millbrae, CA with members throughout the bay area and beyond. The goal of FCFC is to make many one team.

FCFC’s principle values are Humility,  Integrity,  and Pride.





FCFC has 10 membership levels based on your time, commitment, and achievement with respect to yours and the clubs values and goals. Were wrestling like karate, our membership levels would be like karate belts. Achieving a certain membership level means you have completed the necessary requirements for that level. Generally, serious and dedicated members will achieve Level 4-5 during high school where more casual members will remain at lower levels. Levels 6+ would generally be achieved following high school though in rare cases it could be achieved earlier.


Here is the list of members at Level 4 or higher:

  • Jacob Roach

  • Alexis Santana

  • Keith Ho

  • Brendan Phan

  • Mike Amaro

  • Michael Wong




Coach Ross is a black belt in Shotokan under Grand Master David Blunt. Ross is fluent in many martial arts, including wrestling, boxing, mauy thai, and jiu-jitsu. Most recently he has trained under Leopaldo Serao, CC Fisher, Carolyn Wester, and Jason Moorehouse. Coach Ross has been coaching for a total of over 20 years. When the Professor isn’t coaching, he enjoys rock climbing and working at Google.